Understanding Pet Ultrasound: Everything You Need to Know

As a pet owner, you always want to ensure that your furry friends are in the best of health. Regular visits to the vet are necessary to maintain your pet’s health, and important diagnostic tests such as ultrasound can help spot potential issues before they develop into more severe conditions. This article will take a closer look at pet ultrasounds and what you need to know. What Are Pet Ultrasounds?

What to Expect When Taking Your Dog to the Vet

Taking your furry mate to the vet can be daunting if you’re a first-time pet owner. Your furry friend may not be feeling well, and the whole experience may become distressing and stressful for both of you. It is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership. This blog post outlines what to expect during a typical visit to the veterinarian, including preparation tips and suggestions to ensure a comfortable experience for your furry friend.

Rabbit Care: Red Eye Explained

Red eye is a condition in rabbits that often occurs due to an underlying health problem. Red eye can affect one or both eyes and is characterised by localised swelling and red patches at the front of the eye. The condition can be caused by a bacterial infection or viral conjunctivitis. If your rabbit has a respiratory tract infection that spreads into their sinus cavities, bacteria can enter their eyes from their infected sinuses.

Four Ways That A Vet Clinic Can Provide Geriatric Pet Care

While a healthy, active senior pet is a joy to be around, an older dog or cat that becomes ill can be difficult to care for. As our pets get older, they may experience a variety of health problems. These include arthritis and other joint problems, dental disease and cancer. Here are four ways that a vet clinic can help pet owners care for their older pets. 1. Provide Senior Wellness Exams 

Why Your Pet Deserves To Be Groomed Every Once In A While

Pets really are the love of most people’s lives, and it is easy to tell as much because of how much time you spend with them. Whether you are walking them, feeding them, cleaning them, buying new toys for them or thinking of how you can make your home more accessible for them, most people cannot stop thinking about their cat or dog. However, the idea of letting an outside person groom your pet might seem a bit odd when you can do it yourself, but the truth is that they can do a far better and more in-depth job than you can, so here are a few reasons why your pet deserves to be groomed once in a while.

2 Tips For Dog Owners Who Are New To Using Pet Grooming Services

If you’re a dog owner who is new to using pet grooming services and are about to make an appointment with your vet clinic’s pet groomer, here are some tips to follow. Keep the weather forecast and your plans for the upcoming weeks in mind when deciding how short to cut your dog’s coat The dog groomer at the vet clinic will probably ask you how short you want them to make your dog’s coat before they trim it.

Two ways to ensure your puppy learns a lot at their puppy training course

If you’ve decided to try out a puppy training course, here are some things you can do to ensure your puppy learns as much as possible at these classes. Control their energy levels It’s important to ensure that your puppy is neither too sleepy nor too hyper when they go to their training classes; the former might result in them refusing to do anything other than lay down and snooze when the trainer is trying to socialise them or teach them commands, whilst the latter might result in them being too excited and unfocused to notice you or the trainer or absorb what you want to teach them.

Helpful Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Vet

If you have a kitten or cat, it is important for you to take them to the veterinarian regularly. If you get a new kitten, you should take it to the vet for a check-up, to get its vaccinations, and to start with preventive care. You will later need to take your cat to the vet for things like getting spayed or neutered, getting additional vaccinations when needed, and more. Plus, obviously, you’ll want to take your cat to the vet if it is showing signs of illness or injury.

It's Not Just About The Litters: Why You Need To Have Your Cats Desexed

If you have cats that have not been desexed, you owe it to yourself to schedule the appointment. You might think that desexing is only important if you want to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but that’s not the case. Cat desexing provides benefits that you might not have considered. Here are four of those benefits.  Reduce Odor If you catch a whiff of cat urine each time you walk into your house, no matter how clean you keep the litter box, desexing can help.

Signs You Need To Take Your Puppy To A Behavioural Training Class

This article will explain some of the signs that you need to take your puppy to a behavioural training class. They include: pulling on the leash, jumping up, pawing and more. If you’re experiencing any of these behaviours, you might want to contact your local training class to see what services they provide. Signs you need to take your puppy to a behavioural training class Pulling on the leash Pulling on the leash is an indication of frustration.

4 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Has Blood In Their Urine

Seeing blood in your dog’s urine can be a scary experience, especially when you don’t know what the cause is. If you’ve noticed a red, orange or brown tinge to your dog’s urine, here’s what could be causing the problem. 1. Urinary tract infection As the name suggests, a urinary tract infection (also known as a UTI) occurs when your dog’s urinary system gets infected with bacteria. Both female and male dogs can experience a urinary tract infection, but it is slightly more common in females.

Pet Care: Ultrasound Examinations Explained

An ultrasound examination is an imaging technique that allows your vet to assess the health of your pet’s internal organs and tissues. It’s a non-invasive procedure that is considered safer than an X-ray, as no radiation is used. There are several uses for ultrasounds, including diagnosing a wide range of conditions, confirming a pregnancy and monitoring the healing process of certain injuries. Read on to learn more about pet ultrasounds.

Cat Care: Understanding The Possible Post-Surgical Complications Of Spaying

Spaying refers to the surgical procedure carried out to sterilise a female cat. Spaying is considered to be a very safe, routine surgical procedure and the benefits are considered to outweigh the risks. However, when making the decision to have your cat spayed, it’s important you’re aware of the possible complications that can arise during recovery. This allows you to make a fully-informed decision and understand what symptoms you need to look out for while your cat is recovering.

When to Consider Your Dog's Diarrhoea an Emergency

Every dog owner knows that diarrhoea is one of the most common afflictions dogs experience in their lives. Note that diarrhoea is considered more of a sign or symptom of different diseases rather than an illness on its own. Since the condition is related with a wide range of diseases—from bacteria and viruses to life-threatening illnesses—it is sometimes difficult to know where your dog’s toilet trouble is coming from and whether you should be worried.

Pre-Surgery Preparation Tips for a Pet

There are various reasons why your pet might need to see a veterinary surgeon. For instance, a severe accident, a tumour or swallowing a foreign object are just some of the reasons why a pet might need surgery. Whatever the reason, preparing your pet for surgery can be daunting, and most veterinary surgeons agree on this. This article highlights different strategies that veterinary surgeons use to prepare pets for a successful surgical procedure.

Dog Grooming Tips for Beginners

If you have recently purchased your first dog, you may be looking for information about how to groom them. Grooming is an essential part of looking after your pet. However, if you have never done it before, you may feel unsure or nervous. This article provides you with some top dog grooming tips for beginners. Relax It is perfectly normal to feel a certain sense of apprehension before grooming your dog for the first time.

5 Important Tips to Choosing the Right Vet for Your Pet

Choosing the right vet is something you should do before you actually need one. This way, you’ll have time to ensure they’re the right fit for you and your pet. In addition, the routine check-ups will give the vet time to create a rapport with your pet before any serious issues emerge. Choosing the best vet requires diligence and patience. Here are 5 important things to consider when choosing a vet for your pet.

How Professional Dog Grooming Is Beneficial To Your Pups Health

If you are a first-time pet parent, you likely are highly conscientious about their vet visits, walks, pet food, chew toys and so on. But when it comes to grooming, some individuals think that grooming their pup on their own will help save a considerable amount of money since raising a pet is quite costly. While giving your dog regular baths and brushing their fur to keep it neat does keep your pet attractive, you should know that professional dog grooming is not merely about appearance.

Why A Professional Dog Groomnig Service Should Be Part Of Your Monthly Routine

Dog owners are some of the most passionate and loving pet enthusiasts, and many businesses and services have cropped up specifically to service this huge community and their hounds. Perhaps no pet service is as famous as the dog grooming industry, with dozens of them found in each of the major cities in Australia. If you have never taken your dog to get groomed, then you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.

How A Veterinary Hospital Is Different To Your Regular Vet And Why That Matters

Animals are a constant source of joy and entertainment for those lucky enough to have the space and resources to keep them happy. Unfortunately, just like their human owners, pets get sick, suffer chronic conditions, or sustain an injury that requires urgent medical attention. You might assume that your regular vet has all the proper equipment to keep your pet alive and make them better but, depending on the severity of the problem, that is not always true.

Symptoms Of Dehydration In Your Dog That Should Have You Rush To A Vet Clinic

If you have been under the impression that Fido is only at the threat of becoming dehydrated during the summer, you are grossly mistaken. Much as in humans, dogs become dehydrated when their intake of electrolytes and water has dropped. This can further be compounded by losing excessive amounts of fluid, such as via sweating during the summer, but it does not mean that heat exclusively leads to dehydration. Dehydration can occur due to illness, forgetting to put water out for your pet and other unfortunate reasons.

How Are Vets Affected By Coronavirus?

While the global pandemic has shut down many businesses across the world, there are still a few essential services open across Australia. Some of those services include veterinary clinics, and many are being overrun due to an increased number of people staying home and walking their dogs, playing with their cats and just generally being around their favourite animals. From broken bones to bites from other pets, what is a severe enough injury to warrant taking your animal to the vet right now?

Dog Food: 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Type for Your Four-Legged Buddy

Loyalty is everything in relationships, and canine friends rank highly in this. As a caring pet owner, you must keep your four-legged buddy nourished to enjoy their warmth and company. Feeding your puppies properly ensures you enjoy their company long enough. You need to consider several things when choosing your dog’s diet. High Nutrition Value The need for proper canine nutrition cannot be overemphasised. Choosing dog food with the right nutrition value for your dogs requires you to consider their age, activity, breed, and reproductive status.

Understanding Tooth Fractures In Dogs

Tooth fractures are a relatively common dental injury in dogs and typically occur due to chewing on hard objects, such as bones or rocks, or as a result of trauma. Fractures can damage the enamel on a tooth’s crown or the root below the gum line. If left untreated, a fractured tooth can allow bacteria to infect the dentin, which is the soft tissue surrounding the root, and cause an abscess to form.

3 Simple Things You Do to Help Your Pet Recuperate Fast After Tooth Extraction

As you do your best maintain the oral health of your dog, they might still develop some oral problems that would require the vet to extract their tooth. However, the veterinary dentistry professional would first assess the dental and gum issues your dog has developed before they pull out the tooth to minimise infection. Don’t focus more on the tooth extraction procedure, but find out what you should do to help your dog recover quickly after the tooth is extracted.

3 Vital Questions to Ask Your Puppy Vaccination Service

Owning a puppy comes with several responsibilities. One significant responsibility is ensuring the puppy is healthy. Unfortunately, various illnesses and diseases are likely to affect your pet. Though you cannot protect your pet from all viruses, some of them are preventable. The best solution for protecting your dog from these avoidable illnesses is through vaccinations.  Pet vaccines offer immunity from a range of illnesses. Vaccines contain an agent similar to the disease-causing microorganisms.

Understanding Bone Cancer In Cats

Bone cancer, also called fibrosarcoma, occurs when fibroblast cells begin dividing abnormally and form a mass or tumour, which can weaken the structure of the bone and damage the surrounding connective tissue. Bone cancer in cats does not always metastasise, but when it does, it typically spreads to the lymph nodes, skin and organs. The cause of bone cancer in cats has yet to be determined, but some researchers believe there to be a genetic predisposition in some cats.

Understanding Heart Disease In Cats

Your cat’s heart is split into four chambers, and the bottom left chamber, known as the left ventricle, receives blood from the lungs and pumps it into the aorta. The aorta is the main artery in your cat’s body and is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood around the body. When a cat has heart disease, the left ventricle is impaired due to thickening of the muscle tissue, and this leads to insufficient blood flow to the aorta.