2 Tips For Dog Owners Who Are New To Using Pet Grooming Services

If you're a dog owner who is new to using pet grooming services and are about to make an appointment with your vet clinic's pet groomer, here are some tips to follow.

Keep the weather forecast and your plans for the upcoming weeks in mind when deciding how short to cut your dog's coat

The dog groomer at the vet clinic will probably ask you how short you want them to make your dog's coat before they trim it. Rather than opting for the same length at every appointment, you should make this decision based on factors like the weather forecast or your plans for the upcoming weeks. For example, if a cold spell is predicted, then you might want to have them trim your dog's coat just enough to make it neat and tidy so that their coat will still be long enough to keep them relatively warm during this period. Conversely, if a heatwave is predicted, you should have the dog groomer trim your pet's coat as short as they safely can to ensure your pet is able to stay cool throughout this bout of hot weather.

Additionally, if you have a long-haired breed of dog whose coat you usually need to brush several times a week, and you know that in the weeks after their next dog grooming appointment you'll be very busy, it might be best to get the dog groomer to cut their coat much shorter than they normally would. This could prevent your dog's coat from matting before their next appointment, even if you only brush them infrequently for the next few weeks.

Let the dog groomer know if your dog has sensitive skin

If your vet has diagnosed your dog with any type of skin condition (such as, for example, atopic dermatitis), it's important to share this information with the dog groomer. If you do, then they may decide to adjust some of their techniques and the products they use to wash your pet. For example, whilst dog groomers will always be careful when brushing a dog's coat, most dogs are quite happy to be brushed vigorously and will not find this painful. However, if your dog has sensitive skin, the dog groomer might not only use a softer-bristled brush but may also brush them more gently than they usually do, to ensure that neither the bristles nor the movements of the brush irritate or scratch your pet's delicate skin.

Additionally, they may decide to use different products, such as a dog shampoo that's made for dogs with sensitive skin; this will allow them to wash your dog's coat thoroughly, without drying your pet's skin out or irritating any sore patches they may have.