Dog Grooming Tips for Beginners

If you have recently purchased your first dog, you may be looking for information about how to groom them. Grooming is an essential part of looking after your pet. However, if you have never done it before, you may feel unsure or nervous. This article provides you with some top dog grooming tips for beginners.


It is perfectly normal to feel a certain sense of apprehension before grooming your dog for the first time. However, you should do your best to relax and stay calm. Dogs are extremely sensitive creatures and they will be able to sense if you are stressed or anxious. If your dog picks up on signals that you are not at ease, it could trigger your dog to become stressed. Before you start, take time out to have a cup of herbal tea or a soak in the bath. Doing so will help you to relax. Secondly, take some deep breaths before you start and release them slowly. Doing so will help to keep you calm. Thirdly, remind yourself that you can always stop the grooming if you feel it isn't going to plan or that you are becoming too nervous.

Develop a routine

It is a good idea to groom your dog at the same time every week and in the same location. Developing a routine will help to keep your dog calm as they will soon become familiar will the experience of grooming and they will learn that it is nothing to fear. Developing a routine of regular grooming will also help you to keep on top of the tasks which need to be completed to keep your pet healthy. Modern life is busy and it is extremely easy to overlook a grooming session if you have other things happening in your world.

Purchase the correct products

When you start grooming your dog, it is vital that you invest in products which are designed for use on pets. You should never use shampoo or other care products which are designed for humans on your pet. Products which are designed for human use could contain ingredients which irritate or harm your pet. Your local vet or dog grooming service should be able to offer you advice on which products are best to use on your pet.

If you're looking for further advice, you should get in touch with a local pet grooming service today.