3 Vital Questions to Ask Your Puppy Vaccination Service

Owning a puppy comes with several responsibilities. One significant responsibility is ensuring the puppy is healthy. Unfortunately, various illnesses and diseases are likely to affect your pet. Though you cannot protect your pet from all viruses, some of them are preventable. The best solution for protecting your dog from these avoidable illnesses is through vaccinations. 

Pet vaccines offer immunity from a range of illnesses. Vaccines contain an agent similar to the disease-causing microorganisms. They work to stimulate your puppy's body so that the immune system fights these microorganisms. That ensures your pet can deal with the illness in case it reencounters it. 

Choosing to vaccinate your pet is great, but you also need to ask the puppy vaccination service various questions. That ensures you know the proper way to deal with puppy vaccination. 

When Should My Puppy Receive Their First Vaccination?

It is vital to understand the right time to get your pet vaccinated. The puppy vaccination service can give you a chart showing the ideal schedule to follow. The chart will show you the various illnesses they handle. It also contains details on the best time for the vaccinations. 

Different states have varying regulations when it comes to puppy immunisation. That means vaccinations for certain illnesses are not necessary for some areas. Understand which immunisation treatments are essential in your area and which are the non-applicable ones. 

Is My Pet Immune From The Disease?

Once you complete a series of vaccinations, dogs will get a long-term or lifetime immunity. Revaccinating your pet does not make it more immune. It will likely increase the chance of unfavourable reactions. Before adding any vaccines, you should get a titer test done on the puppy — the test checks for immunity to the core diseases. 

How Do I Know If My Pet Is Having A Bad Reaction To The Vaccine?

After vaccination, your pet will likely experience mild side effects. These should not last more than two days. Sometimes, however, your puppy may experience serious side effects. Ensure your puppy vaccination service explains the situations that need emergency attention. Record any possible reactions in your dog's file. 


Getting your pup vaccinated is vital. It ensures the pet has a healthy lifestyle and proper development. The necessity of vaccination depends on many factors such as the age, lifestyle, and habits of your pet. Working with puppy vaccination services ensures your dog gets the best protection.