Rabbit Care: Red Eye Explained

Red eye is a condition in rabbits that often occurs due to an underlying health problem. Red eye can affect one or both eyes and is characterised by localised swelling and red patches at the front of the eye. The condition can be caused by a bacterial infection or viral conjunctivitis. If your rabbit has a respiratory tract infection that spreads into their sinus cavities, bacteria can enter their eyes from their infected sinuses.

Four Ways That A Vet Clinic Can Provide Geriatric Pet Care

While a healthy, active senior pet is a joy to be around, an older dog or cat that becomes ill can be difficult to care for. As our pets get older, they may experience a variety of health problems. These include arthritis and other joint problems, dental disease and cancer. Here are four ways that a vet clinic can help pet owners care for their older pets. 1. Provide Senior Wellness Exams